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Pre-Settlement Financing for Maritime Workers

Enacted in 1920 as part of a wider-reaching act to protect the rights of the Merchant Marines, the Jones Act provides legislation to support maritime workers (sailors, seamen, Merchant Marines) if they are injured on the job. It was enacted as an extension of the Federal Employers Liability (FELA) Act of 1908, which provides similar personal injury legislation to railroad workers.

Under this legislation, injured sailors are able to collect damages for personal injuries resulting from the negligence of their ship captain, owner, or crew members; often above and beyond the amount provided by the sailors' state of residence.

As personal injury for maritime workers (Jones Act) cases are often complex and involve legislation at the Federal level, they generally take longer to settle than similar cases in other industries. For this reason, several options have been created for plaintiffs involved in Jones Act personal injury cases to help them cover expenses during this difficult time.

As your maritime workers compensation case moves through the legal process, you may find yourself in need of cash to pay medical and household expenses, or to cover lost income while out of work. PS Finance offers several pre-settlement funding options to meet your needs, from lump sum payments for immediate needs to longer-term installment payments to manage monthly expenses.

Whatever your need, we can help you with funding programs to get through this difficult time. To determine if you qualify, please complete our simple online application or contact a professional representative today.

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