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The Installment Program

For many accident victims, it is very tempting to ask for a large legal funding against their personal injury case to deal with emergency needs. When they do, most accident victims have a tendency to spend this money very quickly. To address this situation, PS Finance has developed The Installment Program.

The Installment Program is a customized funding plan that provides accident victims with guaranteed monthly installments over a fixed period of time. It is a personalized plan designed to meet the client's individual needs. This program ensures that each client will receive the right amount of money spread out over the right amount of time.

Larger lump sum fundings are more expensive because funding fees begin to accrue when an accident victim receives the money. Our Installment Program reduces these fees by spreading the receipt of money over a fixed period of time.

At PS Finance, we are particularly proud of The Installment Program. It is one of the many ways we are leading the industry in setting new standards of service and professionalism.

Lawyers and accident victims agree that The Installment Program helps to:

  • ensure a regular cash flow to pay monthly bills,
  • lower the costs associated with pre-settlement funding, and
  • provide emotional relief from serious financial pressures while the case is moving toward resolution.


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