Our Commitment

As more and more accident victims and their lawyers familiarize themselves with the pre-settlement financing industry, more are turning to legal finance companies for assistance. However, if you’re not well-informed, you could find yourself making costly mistakes. Don’t seek cash for settlements on your own – instead, partner with PS Finance and discover the difference we can make in your approach to settlement finance.

For years, we’ve worked with thousands of personal injury victims and their lawyers, helping them recover and grow again. PS Finance believes that clear and honest communication is essential when pre-settlement financing is on the table. We know how stressful our clients’ situations can become when they don’t have the money they need to pay bills – that’s why we work hard to connect them with the settlement advances they need to live comfortably until they receive their final settlements.

Contact our team to learn more about our commitment to clients seeking cash for settlements. We serve clients in more than 35 states throughout the country.